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Children and Grief and Bereavement


Children and Grief and Bereavement

Death is a painful and permanent loss. It is one of the hardest experiences from which to recover. Death takes away pieces of our soul. Facing it and grieving can result in a renewed wholeness and new strengths.

Each year thousands of children and teenagers experience the death of someone they love. When a parent, sibling, friend, or relative dies, kids and teens feel the overwhelming loss of someone who helped shape their fragile self-identities. Grief is a normal response to loss, but grief is painful and at times seems unbearable.

Death can be so painful that kids and teens try to “get over” a loss by denying the pain. A young person should not be left to grieve alone and in silence. If a child or teen does not deal with the emotions of grief, the pain doesn’t go away. These feelings about death become a part of their lives forever. It remains with them and can turn up later as destructive behaviors.

When a young person grieves effectively, he or she will develop a secure sense of self that they will carry with them for a lifetime. Bereavement and grief counseling is designed to help young people through their grief process. It will help kids and teens recognize and deal with their feelings. Young people need help in developing coping skills during the loss of a loved one.

The Mars & Venus Counseling Center specializes in the counseling of children and teens, familial issues, and grief and bereavement. Our clinicians deal with the most commonly felt reactions: shock, denial, anger, guilt, depression, acceptance and growth.

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